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Saturday 26 June 2021


Brigitte Danse keeps an eye on them like a secret garden even when she makes argil becoming human face under her tender fingers, especially when the chisel, under the knocks of the strong and definite mallet, bites the blue of the small granite as for a song dedicated to the azure, as for reviving a dream of wandering wings !

Married, mother of 3 children, Brigitte Danse started by attending Educator school before studying the engraving on weapon followed by advertising. Drawing was a real childhood passion. However, sculpture would be the great deal of her life.

With her Diploma of the Art Academy from Liège, Brigitte Danse also attends stone cutting class. which allowed her to free her exuberant creativity in that matter.

Earth , papier-mâché, Ytong blocks, soldering wires, caul, blue stones, all are witnesses of a good technical skill as well as a powerful imagination. This site is the perfect illustration of this unusual versatility.

Modelling with model really tends to create sensual pieces of art. Sculpture goes and meets the intuition of the shapes hidden in the material.
Please do not talk about theory with the artist , no questions about her approach. Her main preoccupation is representing life.

Blue stone feels like being as light as the clouds … Brigitte Danse gives it a soul.

"Je te l'ai dit pour les nuages (...)
Pour les cailloux du bruit
Pour les mains familières
Pour l'œil qui devient visage ou paysage (...)
Pour tes pensées pour tes paroles..."
écrivait le poète Paul Eluard.

However, Brigitte Danse leaves the words at a reasonable distance and makes their function really relative.

She prefers the piece of art to the verb which is, following Claude Roy’s expression, “the shortest way between two men”.

Flight stones.

Brigitte Danse is not only giving life to her sculptures by the form she gave them but mainly by the fact that those are coming from deep inside herself , her own whistle, because she’s looking towards the sky as the witness of the wonderful life.

Pierre Bastin-Robert