la réunion des artistes et des oeuvres

Coeurs de pierre
Saturday 18 June 2011
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Bendor en France
Juin 2009
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Soignies in Belgium : "Hymn to life"

"Stone has fun in Soignies". This was the guideline of the symposium. Just thinking about it : I was the one who really had fun ... I had the opportunity to sculpt 3 stones : one was weighting 8,500 KG and the 2 other ones 5,000KG. Pure happiness! I felt like being in Father Christmas' factory.
The other sculptors were really nice. There were a friendship spirit and good mood atmosphere. A really pleasant souvenir ...

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Stanstead in the United States "Polar Circles "

A really different approach: a thema was given and I was starting with a 1m3 sawed block.
Contrary to my usual choice, there was no natural aspect I could highlight.
This meeting lasted only 10 days which is really short for such a volume to sculpt. That's the reason why we had to sculpt some evenings !
8 sculptors amoung which 2 women were selected during this symposium.

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Pitzal - Austria "Origine"

I really liked attending this symposium : the surroundings were exceptional.
We cut the stones on the riverside, in the hollow of the mountains.
We were six sculptors in our group. Our stones had been extracted from the river.
It was not only a matter of human meeting but animals from the mountain came and visit us while we were working. The thema was free. My " Origine" sculpture was inspired by the beautifull landscapes of Pitzal a well as nature creations. One difficult point was the language barrier. German is a really difficult language to understand intuitively. The lesson of this cultural discover that I kept in mind is : " Admire and respect the things all around you".

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Vilnius - Lituania "Hymn to nature"

This symposium began in 2000 and will end in 2009 : a month per year is dedicated to this one.
It takes place in a wonderful park on the riverside.
The main goal is to gather a sculpture from each artisit belonging to the big Europe.
The surroundings are really natural and bright. I wanted my sculpture looking like this atmosphere. That's the reason why I created a fountain where the water is bouncing on swirls. Somewhere I highlited the wonderful colours by polishing some surfaces.
We were really lucky to visit lots of places in the neightborhood of Vilnius.
I've never seen such a nice cemetery as the one from the capital. It's located on a wooden hill; a part of it is dedicated to the artists, the graves are monumental sculptures standing in the middle of the trees.

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Saint-Jean Port Joli - Quebec "Ephemeral lyrism"
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Sprimont - Belgium "Slice of life "
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Durbuy- Belgium "Spring IV"
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Sprimont - Belgium "Metamorphosis"
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Sprimont - Belgium "Spring"

I chose this stone because of its original shape.
After cleaning, its shape appears like becoming a fountain.
It had already been carved by the water from thousands of years: I could only continue its destinity by making it a spring. I used mu swindler on its height to bring water.
After, I created an in and out water circuit on all the faces.
Its natural beauty, its numerous fossils have than been protected.

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Sprimont - Belgium "Lyrism"

My first symposium.
Drastic change : stones weight went from 40KG to 4 tons.
Monumental became my pleasure and my self-fullfilment.
I chose my stone in the quary. I liked it as well as for its unpredictable shape as for its natural surface.
I observed it, my tools have done the remaining part of the work.

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